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Manakeep 728x90
(Mar 14, 2011)
(Feb 20, 2011)
farmer bon huh frogarsten
(Feb 12, 2011)
yay good jobxethias
(Feb 11, 2011)
Xethias is finally registered =D
(Feb 07, 2011)
(Feb 05, 2011)
Yuesh ^^ well couldnt stay long though due to the late hour for me ^^ I will leave a new introduction in the introduction section ^^
(Feb 05, 2011)
yea i saw you today asilla
(Feb 04, 2011)
Ow and I am not the same Asiltair as who joined EWW. That was my Brother ^^ but he quitted not so long after that and well I snatched his account from him :) I havent introduced myself though and maybe I should do that. ^^
(Feb 04, 2011)
Hihi ^^ grats then Dirik ^^ Asilla is now also lvl 54 :) but for skirms etc I think you need to be on early and I need to stay on late. think we have an 8 hour time difference. Ah we will see ^^
(Feb 02, 2011)
lol yea asiltair im a 54 guard we should do some skirmishes or somethin
(Feb 02, 2011)
Hey Borrin ^^ well the reason why I left was that I was almost always playing alone during my daytime. Only around the evenings there were more people on. And well since I want to play with other people aswell that isn't really motivating if you understand ^^ I am now in a Kinship with Aussie and even a few fellow Dutch players so there are always enough on to play with :) I guess it is better to just start a personal alliance between me and EWW ^^. Currently I am a lvl 53 Captain and can easy take solo Elites from my lvl or take on 4-5 mobs at once without dying ^^. And I do know that I am always welcome :)
(Feb 01, 2011)
Or you could just be our ally if you don't want to re-join.
(Feb 01, 2011)
Hi Asiltair! You know, you are perfectly welcome to join us at EWW again, you were a great help to us when you were here, and we would be delighted to have you again. Asiltair and Asilla are welcome to join the kin any time. Hopefully I will see you again sometime today and send an invite. :)
(Feb 01, 2011)
First of all. I appologise for leaving the Kin. Second of All I abandonned my brothers character Asiltair (He joined the Kin when he still was playing and I kinda snatched his account from him when he quitted) and created one for myself only ^^ I bet a few of you have encounter her already. Her name is Asilla. Since I was an Officer and kinda still feel attached to you all (even though I left but that has to do with some other reasons), I would like to offer my help to any EWW kinmember in the way of help with instances and/or questing. So if you have a problem feel free to contact me ^^. And I hope you all don't have hard feelings toward my person :). xx Asilla
(Jan 30, 2011)
i'm sooo annoyed by this server down time!!!
(Jan 25, 2011)
geez borrin get back from mexico
(Jan 23, 2011)
yea you should
(Jan 23, 2011)
(Jan 23, 2011)
borrin you should probably update the recruitment lasses that we need
(Jan 18, 2011)